The complete communications solution

As part of our aim to provide a complete communications solution,

we are pleased to announce that we are an Accredited Business Partner of MyNetFone, Australia’s leading provider of hosted voice and data communications services.

Backed by 100% Australian Based Call Centre with local Tasmanian agents


Phone System

Virtual PBX

A smarter way to run your office phones

NBN-ready and loaded with handy features, Virtual PBX runs your office phones through the internet. So you can work flexibly and productively, without the traditional costs and limitations of an on-premise PBX phone system.


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Business NBN

Fast, affordable internet via the NBN

Connect your office to the network of tomorrow with MyNetFone NBN. Choose the data quota and internet speed that suits your business. Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited nbn plan and Premium NBN speeds.

If the NBN is not in your area, simply pick a MyNetFone broadband plan. Your business will be automatically moved to the NBN when it becomes available.


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4G Business Continuity

Finally, a business-grade solution for internet outages

Internet and IP telephony are vital for small business. Protect your communications against internet drop outs, authentication errors and other service interruptions.

Business Continuity is a business-grade solution for communications peace of mind. If your main internet link goes down, your Premium Business Router automatically detects the outage and falls back to 4G, enabling seamless business continuity.

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